Erotic Edges

In our creative endeavor with Erotic Edges, a brand that offers unique virtual life drawing sessions, we embarked on a journey to define a brand identity that would truly set them apart. Our first brushstroke was the creation of a logo, a symbol that needed to capture the essence of their sessions – a blend of sensuality and artistry. It was all about finding that perfect balance.

Next, we delved into designing a website, ensuring it would be a seamless gateway for artists and enthusiasts to explore the world of Erotic Edges. It had to be user-friendly and reflect the sensuous yet professional aura that defines the brand. To take their brand a step further, we curated custom graphics that spoke volumes about the unique experience they offered – graphics that were provocative without crossing any boundaries.

And then, the 90-page magazine – an opportunity to showcase the art that unfolds during their sessions. The magazine was a testament to the talent and creativity that Erotic Edges cultivates. In the world of social media, we took charge, becoming the voice of Erotic Edges, sharing their art, engaging their community, and making sure the brand was always in the spotlight. Every decision, every design element, was a fusion of their vision and our creative input. Today, Erotic Edges has an identity that stands as a testimony to the brand's unique position in the world of virtual life drawing sessions.

In an ever-evolving world, where creativity knows no bounds, we're proud to be a part of Erotic Edges' journey. They've become a hallmark of art and sensuality, and their brand identity reflects just that.