Magnus L. Alexander

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Magnus L. Alexander, a talented and imaginative writer and comic book creator. From the onset, Magnus's passion for his craft and clear vision for his brand made the project an exciting and fulfilling endeavor.

Understanding Magnus' Unique Brand

Magnus, who balances his time between his roles as a librarian and a writer of sensual gay erotica, brought a unique perspective to the table. His works, ranging from the 'Dive In' series about Olympic Diver boys to 'Once Upon a Gaily Time,' a sensual twist on classic fairy tales, needed a logo and website that captured both his creative essence and professional demeanor.

To begin, we spent time understanding Magnus's journey and his aspirations for the future. Magnus's bio gave us a comprehensive insight into his world. Here is an excerpt:

“Mild mannered librarian by day, writer of sensual gay erotic by night, Magnus L. Alexander is a gay romance and homoerotic writer and comic book creator. Hailing from Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, Magnus now resides in Nottinghamshire with his long time partner...”

Designing the Logo

Magnus envisioned a classic signature style logo that would embody his elegant yet bold persona. We created a design that featured his pen name in a sophisticated and distinctive format:

Magnus L.

Incorporating elements from Magnus’s inspirations and examples provided, we ensured the logo exuded both professionalism and a hint of the romance and adventure found in his writings.

Developing the Website

The website design was crafted to be a seamless blend of Magnus’s multifaceted personality and his diverse body of work. We focused on creating a user-friendly interface that highlights his different series, upcoming releases, and his unique blend of storytelling.

Showcasing Magnus' Works

As part of Wave 1 items for his shop, Magnus introduced:

  • Dive In 2023 Calendar and Artwork Collection
  • Once Upon a Gaily Time 2024 Calendar and Artwork Collection
  • Spiderboys - The Collected Edition
  • Of the Sublime Host - The Complete Collection

We designed sections of the website dedicated to these collections, incorporating visually appealing graphics and easy navigation for users to explore and purchase his works.


Working with Magnus L. Alexander has been an inspiring experience. His creativity and enthusiasm are contagious, and it has been our privilege to help bring his vision to life. We look forward to supporting Magnus as he continues to enchant his readers with his captivating stories and vivid imagination.